On the instructions of Chief Minister Mr Hemant Soren, helpline number 104 and other helpline services started by the government, served as the source of information and proved handy to the people seeking necessary information during the second wave of Corona pandemic. A large number of patients called for help on these numbers and received help from the government. In addition, patients living under home isolation also received a lot of help through these helpline numbers.

Important information reached to the people

Data received from the National Health Mission as of 25th May shows that more than 10,000 patients were in home isolation and more than 1151 patients were in hospitals in the state. A list of 1,064,08 phone numbers was available with all government-issued helpline numbers, to which necessary medical-related information was conveyed. Many agencies on behalf of the government were delivering information to the patients over the phone. Including 14,493 calls through 104, more than 2,86,726 calls were made to help the people.

People seeking information approached for help

Apart from this, information was sought by a large number of people by calling at these helpline numbers. They were provided with the necessary information and support over the phone.  On the Covid safety portal, more than 45, 802 entries were registered for seeking information related to Covid19. More than 1,77,665 medical kits were provided by the government to the people living under home isolation. While 91,442 home isolation kits were distributed among the people.

Telemedicine service through video call

People were also given a facility to make video calls under the services available by the state government. More than 6646 patients obtained the necessary information through the video call. At the district level also, more than 19,032 people obtained the necessary information through video call. For this, 35 doctors gave medical consultations to the people through video calls. SMS services were also used to provide information to the people. Over 57,575 SMSs were sent to the people suffering from Covid19. 3,14,943 people were informed using IVR. 

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