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No celebration in temple.No idol worshiping. However, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are packed with the exchange of greetings on the annual Hindu festival-Krishna Janmashtami. 

For the first time, on the occasion of this festival, Dahi-Handi competition which is organised to celebrate the birth of Krishna, Ranchi city is going to witness virtual Dahi-Handi Pratiogta.

This means it is going to be participated and held online. There will not be any physical presence of the participants anywhere.

In fact, every year this competition, one of the festive events, a team sport during the Krishna Janmashtami, is held a day after the birth of Krishna.

It involves youth out to pick up the hanging earthen pot filled with dahi(yoghurt) at a difficult to reach height. The boys and girls form teams, make a human pyramid and attempt to reach or break the pot. As they do so, girls surround them, sing with music, and cheer them on.

It is a public spectacle. And it is organised following an annual tradition of Hindus, with media attendance, prize money and commercial sponsorships. The event is based on the legend of the Krishna stealing butter and other milk products as a baby( Krishna who was also known as Makhan Chor) who used creative ways to reach what he wanted. 

This time, when the entire world, including India and Jharkhand as well, is suffering from COVID-19, Krishna Janmashtami is being celebrated by Hindus inside their homes. Even in temples, priests were not available.

As a result, organisers of the Dahi-Handi competition in Ranchi have decided to hold a virtual Dahi-Handi competition. Sanjay Seth, BJP Lok Sabha MP, who has been the brain behind it since 2012, has announced that the participants can take part in the virtual show only.


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