Al-Khudam is the biggest Money Laundering medium for Kashmiri Separatist....and the Govt has shown its spine & intent by attacking it directly.

The Modus Operandi? Al Khudam, the biggest Tour operator of Jammu and Kashmir, has connections with almost every Hotel in J&K.

It used to launder money from Overseas. How?

Separatist supporters and Pakistani agencies used to book bulk tours while sitting in the UK, US, Middle East, and other Nations. As per the process, they had to pay the complete amount in advance.

And then on one fine day, all these so-called tourists used to cancel their bookings. In accordance with 
the terms and conditions of any tour company, the entire amount goes into the company's account and the tourists were not eligible for any kind of refund.

Investigations by the NIA and Enforcement, Al Khudam used to get crores of rupees in white as they didn't have to pay a refund. Next, they used to transfer that money to separatists and used to charge a certain percentage as their commission.

After collecting registered data, NIA has nabbed the biggest funding source of separatists in Kashmir.

As a result, while the separatists have turned cashless, stone pelters we’re not visible in Kashmir.

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