Microblogging platform Twitter on Thursday, 8 July, told the Delhi High Court that it will appoint a grievance redressal office within 'eight weeks'.

Twitter also informed the court that it is setting up a liaison office in India, in compliance with the new IT rules 2021. This office will be their permanent physical contact.

Responding to the eight-week demand, the Delhi High Court said that Twitter won't enjoy legal protection if it does not abide to India's new IT Rules.

The High court also warned stating that there is no interim protection for Twitter and the Centre is free to take any action if it breaches the new IT rules in India.

The social media giant has also promised to release the first transparency report by 11 July.

"After 21 June, till 6 July, the least you could have done was appoint another person. How long does your process take? If Twitter thinks it can take as long it wants in our country, I will not allow that," the judge had said, reported Bar & Bench.


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