Protest is going on in Jamshedpur where Hindu organisations have demanded the arrest of one youth of a minority Muslim community on the charge of indulging in “ love jihad.”

“ We will continue our protest till the accused is arrested”, said Sukna Singh, a leader of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad in front of 260 odd protesters in Jamshedpur on Friday.

The Kadma police station has registered FIR filed by a 14- year old girl who is a student in a local school in Kadma. In her complaint, she has blamed the youth for blackmailing her after she declined to convert to Islam and marry him.

She stated that a month ago, she became a friend of this boy outside school. That time the boy introduced himself to her as ‘Samir.’

Friendship turned into love and during meetings, the youth made videos and took several pictures of her private parts. And now when she learnt that his real name was Shabbir Khan who wanted her to convert to Islam and get married, she declined promoting him to threaten her to expose her.

This promoted the girl to disclose details about him to her parents. Soon, they came to Kadma police station and lodged a complaint against Shabbir Khan. 

Considering the nature and gravity of the allegations against Shabbir Khan, police registered FIR against him on several charges including inducing a minor girl into a physical relationship.

Right in front of Kadma police station, protesters were raising slogans - “ Jai Sri Ram.”

BJP leader Abhay Singh described it as a case of “ love jihad.” And hit the road demanding the arrest of the accused Shabbir Khan.

Worth noting is that “ love jihad” is an unofficial term used by Hindu groups for referring to an alleged campaign by Muslim men to convert Hindu girls for marriage under the pretext of love.

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