*Firefighter crew trying to control the flames at the Kadma bazaar site in Jamshedpur on February 27, 2023.

A massive fire broke out at Kadma bazaar in Jamshedpur on Monday morning. Ten-twenty shops located in Kadma were burnt.

A sign showed these shops were in narrow lanes. The cause of the fire is not known till now.

A video from a citizen showed a smoke plume from the fire filling the sky just before noon, nearly four hours after the fire broke out. Though owners of shops suffered huge losses each, there is no report of any casualty.

After shop owners rang up the police and fire brigade, they arrived and fire crews responded and the fire burning behind shops was controlled after hours of their work.” We had a big change to confront to ensure the fire does not spread into houses of people located adjacent to these burning shops”, said a crew member. 

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