*Make shift walls put up to show case tribal handicrafts at Guest park premise for G20 delegates

G20 delegates’ track gathering in Patratu, 44 km from Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand state in India, are to be shown on Friday handicraft items manufactured in different areas by tribals.

And, at their first meeting at the picturesque and newly built guest house cum hotel and island located on one side of the dam of Patratu Thermal Power station, they will be shown hand made demonstration of the making of tribal art and handicrafts of artisans, a senior official said on Friday morning.

This is the first G20 meeting under the tourism track is slated to be held at Iceland of Patratu dam on March 2, 2023.

Patratu is famous for its water body along a valley, known mainly because of its dam and surrounding lake which was built on River Nalkari and was supervised by India’s eminent engineer Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshrsya.

The dam was built for supplying water to the Thermal Power plant which was meant to supply electricity to the surrounding areas of Jharkhand. Now, the plant is run by PSU, NTPC.

The state government led by ex-CM and BJP leader Raghubar Dad had planned and built a tourist complex on the dam’s Iceland as well as a hotel and guest house along the Ranchi- Patratu - Ramgarh highway. 

This complex has been beautified by JMM - Congress- RJD coalition government led by CM Hemant Soren where G20 delegates are gathering to spend quality time in the midst of nature’s beauty.

Glance around the stalls put up to exhibit handicrafts, wooden and bamboo crafts as well as parked boats alongside a jetty on the bank of dam cum lake at Patratu. These were designed and put up for G20 delegates who will take speed boats to land on the island alongside the Patratu dam on March 3, 2022.

Pictures were taken a few hours before G20 delegates visit the exhibition site, jetty, and Iceland on March 3, 2023 morning.

(An Ariel view of the tourist complex built on island in a corner of Patratu dam where delegates of G20 will land on the second and concluding day of their conference in Ranchi on March 3, 2023.)

(Tourist complex island of Patratu dam)

(Tourist complex island of Patratu dam)

(G 20 Delegates to be taken from one end of Patratu dam to island by high speed boats)

(Stall displaying tribal painting inside Shilp Gram set up for G20 delegates at Guest Park complex in Patratu.)

(Another stall carrying tribal art inside Shilp Gram set up for G20 complex at Guest Park complex in Patratu)

(Entry gate of Shilk Park created for G20 delegates  who land there)

(Entry gate of Shilk Park created for G20 delegates  who land there)

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