A start up with coconut water followed by Jharkhand delicacies- paratha, Puri,  was relished by G20 delegates attending the first track gathering around natural surroundings and modern architecture on the banks of Patratu dam near Ranchi on Friday.

A lip-smacking coconut water was relished by all of them as this liquid is a product of a young, green coconut.” It is a treasured summer drink to combat the heat. It’s tasty”, quipped a delegate while drinking it.

In lunch, both veg and non-veg mutton, fish and chicken were on the platter for those who savour non-vegetarian food with crunchy papad as an accompaniment.


'Chhonka hua matar' (green peas tempered with aromatic spices), ' Palak saag' , 'aloo rasedar' (potato curry), 'bhune baigan ro bharto' (roasted eggplant mash cooked with spices) were for the main course with an assortment of breads.

On the platter for rice lovers was 'biryani', as well as a warm and nutritious ‘Puri’  topped .

Earlier, the delegates roamed around the exhibition stalls of handicrafts, each created beautiful pieces of art for all the guests to view and appreciate.

They were made to watch different stalls, each displaying handmade wooden and bamboo toys  crafts made by tribals.

Going back to the roots, the stalls were specially curated to give the esteemed guests an immersive cultural experience, embedded in the folk tradition of tribals in Jharkhand.

Also, they used water boats to cross the water body of the Patratu dam to land on the Iceland restaurant and its complex comprising a park and amusement corner.The boat operators who were professional and courteous looked joyous serving delegates of G20.

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