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Even as conscientious citizens prayed for peace and police personnel were on their foot to maintain law and order,all roads were packed with Ram Bhakts in Ranchi today on the day of Ramnavmi, a Hindu festival celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Lord Ram.

They were spotted raising a common slogan : “ Jai Shri Ram. While processions, each taken out by a group of people who carried traditional weapons such as lathis and swords( sticks), moved on roads, hundreds of people watched them amid high sound loud speakers playing Hindu songs- “Ramji Ki Lila..”( The game of Lord Ram…).

According to Hindu calendar, the festival is observed on Shukla Navami( the ninth day of waxing moon period) of Chaitra month( March- April).

Like the past, the festival of Ram Navmi is being celebrated with great pomp amid tight security in capital city of Jharkhand.

For the first time,nearly 13000 security personnel were deployed to maintain law and order. Also, drones and CCTVs were used to keep vigil over the Ram Bhakts and their processions.

Unlike other states and regions in India where Ram Navami festival is celebrated for a day, it is observed in Jharkhand for a full month- beginning on the Shukla Navmi of Falgun and concludes nearly 30 days later on the day of Ram Navami of Chaitra month when devotees of Lord Ram and Hanuman comes out on the streets in groups chanting and dancing to bhajans, wielding traditional weapons - swords and lathis( sticks).

In effect, Ranchi has turned into a saffron city on the ongoing Ramnavami festival. 


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