Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Sunday launched e-PoS device using UIDAI authentication of beneficiaries to provide to consumers the commodities under Public Distribution System in the state.

In other based,the new initiative is Aadhaar enabled PDS (AePDS) linked with – electronic Point of Sale (ePoS).

“This system is going to serve the people and provide ration to them in a systematic manner”,said the CM while addressing the inaugural function in Ranchi on the eve of the 70th Independence Day.

The function was attended among others by Minister of Civil Supply Saryu Rai,Chief Secretary Raj Bala Verma,Secretary,Civil Supply and the CM’s Secretary Sunil Kumar Barnwal.

As it is,PDS serves a dual purpose of providing subsidized food to the consumers as well as providing price support to the farmers.In course of time,the functioning of the government PDS in the state had suffered due corruption,inefficient management and lack of proper targeting to improve the food security of the poor.

Every body knows the prime objective of PDS was to ensure that the beneficiaries were provided with essential commodities such as rice, wheat etc. as per entitlements and at affordable time in correct measures.

To make the system accountable and effective,Aadhaar based PDS used POS device for the UIDAI authentication of beneficiaries to issue the commodities under PDS distribution scheme.

In fact,POS Device- handheld terminals with connectivity to the central server at all locations – right from the warehouse (godown) to the ration shops. Commodities are tracked at each point and tallied with the procurement and lifting.

On the other hand, smartcards issued to the families replace the existing ‘Ration Cards’. The PDS central server provides update on stock, retailer, beneficiary, and entitlement details.

Beneficiaries come with their smart cards to fair price shop. Fair shop dealer will insert the card in POS device; it will get the details from the department server. Then FP shop dealer will select the person in the card & same who are presented in FP shop for authentication.

POS device has two types of Authentications.One,it is fingerprint authentication with their Aadhaar enrollment data.Two,it is one time password authentication with their mobile numbers.

Beneficiaries who fail to authenticate with their fingerprints are helped by concerned department official to give the m the authentication.Then FP shop dealer will issue the commodities.

The smartcard identifying each family is introduced to eliminate prevailing fake ration cards. This overhauls the entire operations of the Public Distribution System.

With this new method,PDS identifies and plugs the loopholes and the leakages in the present distribution network; and also create an environment of accountability at each level,said Rai.


1.Shows(Left to Right) Civil Supply Secretary,Chief Secretary Raj Bala Verma,Civil Supply Minister Saryu Rai,Chief Miniser Raghubar Das and CM’s Secretary Sunil Kumar Barnwal.

2.Audience watching the launch of the e-PoS based PDS in Jharkhand.


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