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Beware m morning walkers!If you are a woman wearing a gold chain and taking morning walk inside your own locality,two men ridding a mo bike can launch attack.One of them can get down from the bike,catch,snatch your gold chain and zip off.This is what happened inside Peepee Compound under Hindpiri police station area in Ranchi on Friday morning.The woman victim who lost her gold chain said:”I was cought from behind.After snatching the chain,I yelled.But the guy walked away,sat on the bike and fled”,she cribbed.The CCTV shows the criminal bikers.However,the police is yet to nab any one of them.In any case,this is not an isolated case.A number of such cases were reported from different areas of the state capital Ranchi during the past one year.Sadly,the police had not resolved any one case till date.


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