“Why didn’t you salute me”(?). In a two-minute video, at least five people- can be seen shouting, abusing, and assaulting a boy who did not do what was questioned. 

The video shows a Congress leader’s son was allegedly caught on camera assaulting a teenage boy in the coal mafia land of Dhanbad for not offering him a salute( Pranam). 

In this heart-hitting video, the victim’s face is not clearly visible, but Ranveer Singh, whose father is Congress leader Ranvijay Singh and his security men allegedly beat him and kicked 17- year old boy with the butt of a pistol and sticks before kidnapping him for some time. 

The boy whose father has filed a complaint against Ranveer Singh and his supporters- has claimed that his son was beaten also inside the car and he himself was threatened.  

The victim’s father Chandel alleged that his son was pulled up into one of their cars, took him to a tea shop where they continued to beat him.

“At the tea shop, one of the security men grabbed me and forced me to fall at Ranveer Singh’s feet. Then they took my phone and called my father to threaten him”, said the victim. 

Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh's father - Congress leader Ranvijay Singh - has disavowed all connection between his son and the horrific attack, calling it a "conspiracy to defame my growing political stature".


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