The arrest of four cyber criminals in Dhanbad revealed that they led king-size life by defrauding people by acting as representatives of Google Pay Helpline. 

Their modus operandi was simple.

First, from the Helpline Number of Google Pay, they put up their number(Embedded SIM). As usual, when any customer has any problem with Google Pay, he used Google search engine to look for its Help Line Number.

Second, against this backdrop, cyber criminals acted as Google Helpline representatives, called the customer who had lodged complaints and withdrew his/her amount or indulged in the purchase of goods online.      

All four led life king-size by living in a three-room luxurious flat in posh locality Vrindavan in Dhanbad. Aware of their lifestyle, some Vrindavan neighbours suspected the foul play. They informed the police. Soon, Dhanbad police arrested them on the charge of cyber crime.

Among the four accused, one Abhishek Kumar is a resident of Giridih.Three others -Sambhunath Mandal, Rohit Kumar Mandal and Pradumna Mandal- 
hail from Jamtara, a well-known hub of cyber criminals in Jharkhand.

The fifth accused is Ajay Mandal, a resident of Jamtara, who was out of jail on bail, was reportedly absconding, said Dy.SP Sumit Saurabh Lakra, Incharge of Cyber Crime.

The Dhanbad police have seized their Innova car, two Apple I-Phones, Apple Mac Laptop, two mo-bikes, six smartphones and five ATM cards of different banks.  

The police have appealed to people to cooperate. And, if they had any information connected with any cybercrime, they should ring upon the number 9431706390."Anybody rings up and seeks to know the OTP, he should immediately inform the police on the above number", said the police.

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