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Social media is abuzz about the tribal village in Jharkhand where teachers have adopted a creative method to teach students while strictly following social distancing protocol amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This happened after the chairman of RPG Enterprises Harsh Goenka shared a tweet of appreciation for government school teachers in Dumka district's Dumarrthar village who had painted walls of huts with black colour making blackboards for students.

Despite lacking smartphones, each student used blackboard on the advice of his teacher who used a loudspeaker from a distance to teach them from a far off distance. Even lessons are conveyed with the help of a loudspeaker as nearly 200 students write on an equal number of blackboards, reports ANI."They sit in rows while maintaining social distancing, thanks to the 'incredible initiative' of the school." 

No wonder why the step to bring the classroom to students has been applauded on social media. Many have praised the teachers of the school for walking the extra mile to ensure that their students can attend classes at a time when the schools were closed due to the pandemic.

Their successful move has turned out to be an alternative to digital education in villages where underprivileged children were bereft of smartphones and internet 

Their " blackboards have been placed with social distancing where students write their lessons and the teacher uses a loudspeaker to teach them," wrote Mr Goenka on Twitter, sharing a picture of the open-air school adding :'Amazing initiative in our incredible India!" 

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