Hemant Soren's government is struggling to contain the Covid pandemic in Jharkhand. Three measures adopted by it are worth appreciation.

One, Covid patients in the state can book hospital beds online through ‘Amrit Vahini’ App. It was launched by CM Hemant Soren on Friday. Alongside, he launched “ Chatboat” using which any Covid positive patient  can get basic information related to coronavirus.

The move is part of the Soren government’s understanding that ‘Amrit Vahini’ App can provide online health care services for people infected with Coronavirus. It is helping us, said a patient echoing the sentiments of a dozen others in Ranchi on Saturday.

The state government claims that the hospital beds booked by the person will be kept reserved for him for the next two hours. After that if the person who had booked it did not use it, the bed will automatically get listed as vacant for other patients. 

The entire excise is being monitored from a war room inside the CMO, it is said.It has provided toll-free whatsapp mobile number - 8595524447 for enabling the affected person to get registered with his/her name for chatbox.

Two, amid a fast-spreading number of Covid positive cases, its relevance has only grown bigger. In addition, Soren has launched “ Sanjeevani Vehicles”- Oxygen packed trucks to rush to any hospital in the state capital Ranchi in case of SOS. On Saturday, Sanjeevani Vehicles were spotted moving across hospitals in the state capital.

www.JharkhandStateNews has learnt that Soren government plans to launch similar Oxygen carrying vehicles in other district headquarter towns including Dhanbad, Bokaro and Jamshedpur.” These Oxygen vehicles will be equipped with GPS tracking systems to ensure that no hospital faced any shortage of Oxygen.

Another praise-worthy step taken by the Soren government is speeding up the testing of the suspected Covid patients. As a result, the state recorded 5973 new Covid positive patients on Friday. The same day 136 died. 

In Ranchi, while 970 Covid -19 positive patients were registered, 5293 Covid positive patients recovered and 987 of them became negative on Friday. In all, 38 Covid positive patients reported dead.

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