The second wave of COVID19 came like a storm for the entire nation. Many of the state citizens are suffering from the consequence of this pandemic. Even after the constant efforts made by the Chief Minister couldn't avoid a few losses. Sadly, many people have lost their loved ones in the second wave of this pandemic. 

Given this grim situation, the Chief Minister has directed all the district administration officials to ensure proper care for the children who lost their parents. 

In the past as well, Soren has been stringent regarding the cases related to child trafficking. Many children who lost their parents in the fight against Covid19 may face exploitation or get trapped into Child trafficking. 

Against this backdrop, the Ranchi District administration, facing the highest number of Covid19 cases, has released a 'Child Care Helpline' for such children.

*A dedicated team for immediate assistance*

The 'Child Care Helpline', which will be monitored by the District Welfare Officer, has a dedicated team to look into such cases and offer immediate assistance. 

Anyone, who finds or gets to know about such children, who got orphaned due to this disaster, can report those cases to the helpline number released by the administration. 

The dedicated team from the administration will visit the impacted family and will rescue those children. After gathering detailed information related to the children and assessing the need, the District child Welfare Committee will take further decision.

*Caretaker will be provided with the monthly sponsorship assistance*

If there is any other member in the family of the children, who agree to take care of them, will be given monthly sponsorship assistance in exchange for taking care of them. In such cases, members of the Child Welfare Committee will visit the respective household and do a ground survey to ensure that the child will be safe with them. If there is no caretaker available for the children or the CWC doesn't find it fit, in such cases, the children will be taken to Children Care Home run by the government where every care will be ensured to them.

In addition, this helpline will also offer temporary assistance to those children whose parents are admitted to the hospital.

*One can call on these numbers*

Apart from the central child helpline number 1098, the administration has also released other numbers as well as WhatsApp contacts.

*Toll-Free No- 1098*

*Helpline No- 181*

*WhatsApp Number- 8789833434*

*Mobile Number- 9955588871, 8789370474*

The administration has also appealed to the people to not release the details of such children in the public domain and directly report to the helpline. This will help the administration immediately approach such children and avoid mishappening of any kind such as exploitation, child labour or trafficking.

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