A COVID-19 Command Centre should be established in each district, equipped with the necessary infrastructure and manpower to ensure both way information flow between COVID-19 Command Centre and villages. This can help optimum use of available resources and also usage of data for other scientific purposes, suggested by Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), an autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology, technology think tank. 

COVID -19 surge has become more serious than predicted, spreading faster, particularly during the second wave and penetrating in the rural areas as well. As the pandemic spreads in the villages of India in varying intensity, accurate information about infection rate, recovery rate, death rate, supply of medicines, availability of medical infrastructures like hospital beds and oxygen need to be available to the administration with a click of a mouse to facilitate efficient management of resources towards containment of COVID-19 spread across India. 

According to TIFAC, all the districts COVID-19 Command Centres should be connected with the State COVID-19 Command Centre, which will be the repository of information of the entire state. Similarly, all State COVID-19 Command Centres will be connected digitally with the Central COVID-19 Command Centre so that information of all states and villages of India will be available centrally.

The entire information should be transferred and stored digitally so that time-series data are available at Central COVID-19 Command Centre for the whole of India and at States COVID-19 Command Centre for the entire states. 


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