The dedication and commitment of the government led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Jharkhand , the second wave of Covid-19 has been contained. 

With few restrictions in place, the state is moving towards lifting all restrictions. To deal with the expected third wave of the novel Coronavirus, the state government has started preparing its machinery in advance.
To understand the nature, impact and preparations needed to fight against the anticipated third wave, Chief Minister Hemant Soren is having regular conversations with experts and doctors from across the nation. Experts anticipate that in the third wave children are at greater risk whereas, this does not give any guarantee of adults being unaffected. 

Experts suggest that the Coronavirus is mutating at a fast pace and any kind of lethargy may lead to serious complications. With the inputs received from the experts, the state government of Jharkhand is on high alert regarding this matter. Efforts are being undertaken to enhance and up-grade the existing medical infrastructure. 

The government is also working on generating awareness among people. Along with the preparedness of the government to deal with this potential threat, parents are also expected to discharge their responsibilities.
*Care of children during Covid-19 infection - common symptoms and prevention*
As per the detailed information in the book on Preparation, Prevention and Planning for Covid-19 in the third wave, most children infected with Covid-19 may not show any symptoms or may exhibit very mild symptoms.  

Common symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, running nose, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, etc.  Due to the tender age, children are unable to explain their symptoms, but the parents need to be on alert about any such symptom. 
*Protective measures to avoid infection in children* 
o    Increase immunity in kids, mix honey with milk. 
o    Pay close attention to the hygiene of the children. 
o    Boil Neem leaves in water for their baths.

o    Give Fennel water to your child, it will keep the stomach in better condition. 
o    If someone is sick at home, keep your children away from them.
o    Wash your hands thoroughly before holding children in your arms.
o    In case of any symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.
o    Children should not wear masks, it makes them difficult to breathe.
*Balanced food intake necessary to avoid any kind of complication*
o    Give something to eat every once in a while.
o    Boil potatoes and feed them.
o    Include homemade fresh fruit juice as refreshment.
o    Include Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs, Pulses, Chicken and whole grains in their meal.

o    Encourage them to have more and more water.   

o    Provide Coconut water  
o    Ensure protein and fibre intake in the morning breakfast.
o   To maintain a sufficient amount of Vitamin C in the body use Amla, Lemon, Orange, Tomato, Guava and Broccoli.
o    Increase the quantity of Zinc-rich food to improve immunity. Eg- Gram, lentils, etc.
o    Feed them with turmeric milk every morning and evening.


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