Aryan who is 42 days old now has celebrated his second birth day,an event greeted by many doctors across the country.


Aryan had undergone a liver transplant at Rela Hospital following a rare metabolic condition from his birth. The transplant was done in this hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

India Business Wire India Liver Transplant on a newborn is rare and unheard of in the Indian community. That is what has happened to Aryan in 2019. Owing to a rare metabolic condition by births,this baby  was rushed to Rela Hospital when he was just 4 weeks old and the transplant was as performed on him on the 42 days of his life on the earth. 

After the period of early stabilisation of Baby Aryan, the donor profiling was done. The mother of Aryan couldn't donate as she had a cesarean section delivery and his father's then medical condition didn't permit him to donate. 

That's when baby Aryan's maternal uncle decided to be the donor. Today, as the family celebrates baby Aryan's 2nd birthday, the entire family of Sayani joined us on a zoom call with Prof. Mohamed Rela and Dr. Naresh Shanumgam, thanking them for giving Aryan his normal life. Aryan, then and now, continues to the youngest Indian to have undergone liver transplantation.

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